Monnet Steel TMT


Monnet Steel TMT is the Highest Quality & Strongest Primary TMT. We have TMT available in all dias. ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm.

  • Monnet is a part of an elite group of Integrated Steel Producers with a capacity of 1.5 Million Tonne per Annum.
  • State-of-the-art facilities with technologically advanced equipment at each stage of steel-making to ensure uniform high quality and strength across the length of the bar.
  • Electric Arc Furnace & Ladle Refining Furnace for stringent control on chemistry.
  • Complete automated process control for achieving desired mechanical & chemical properties.
  • Quality Management through well-equipped in-house testing facilities.

One stop shop for all TMT solutions

  • The Product Portfolio also includes Corrosion Resistant (CRS) grade of TMT Bars
  • Easy availability through extensive pan India distributor network & stock yards.

Chemically controlled process to ensure uniform high quality and strength across the length of the bar

  • Excellent tempered Co-centric Martensitic Ring which ensures higher strength.
  • Fine Ferrite-Pearlite Core to add to the ductility of Monnet TMT Rebars.
  • Free from Eutectoid Angular Carbide.
  • Carbon dispersed uniformly in tempered structure avoiding tri-axial stresses.
  • Excellent combination of strength, resilience and toughness ensuring higher EQR.
  • Assured compact bonding with concrete for strong constructions through deep rooted ribs.

Deep and uniform rib pattern for superior bond with concrete

The optimally designed and unique rib pattern of Monnet Steel TMT bars makes them ideal for superior bonding with concrete. Precise rolling, computer controlled quenching & self-tempering process by NCO Italy, & guide equipment by Hallteck, UK ensure uniformity in the rib & lug pattern and physical properties across the length of the TMT bars.

Higher Resistance to Earthquakes

  • Higher strength with higher Elongation and UTS/YS Ratio to ensure earthquake resistance property through latest computer controlled quenching & self-tempering process.
  • A superior and controlled steel making practice reduces the level of impurities present in the finished product. In fact, in Monnet Steel TMT bars, the level of impurities (sulphur and phosphorous) are much below the standard specifications as per IS 1786:2008. This guarantees that Monnet Steel TMT bars provide good flexibility combined with high strength, resilience and toughness - a characteristic essential for safety of construction against earthquakes.

Corrosion Resistant

For higher corrosion resistance (HCR) requirements in case of marine & coastal applications, if stipulated by customers, the chemical composition is modified by adding appropriate alloying elements for enhancing corrosion resistance.

Superior Bendability & Ductility

Critical control over levels of impurities coupled with computer controlled online heat treatment ensures that Monnet Steel TMT bars have bendability & ductility far exceeding the IS 1786:2008 prescribed minimum norms.

Prominent features of Monnet TMT Bar Mill

  • A fully automated mill with bar slitting & double twin channel system.
  • Walking hearth type reheating furnace.
  • Horizontal and vertical stands configuration.
  • Roughing mill, Intermediate mill, Finishing mill with convertible stands.
  • Series of zero-tension loppers.
  • Cold shear to cut bars.
  • Fully automated bar bundling & bar strapping system.
  • Complete range from 8mm to 32mm.

The Best Companies in India use Monnet TMT Rebars

  • Larsen & Toubro Construction
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC)
  • Hyderabad Metro Rail
  • Chennai Metro Rail
  • Indure
  • M3M
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
  • BGR Energy Systems Limited
  • National Highways Authority of India
  • Indiabulls Real Estate
  • Powergrid
  • Pratibha
  • Avantha Group
  • Godrej Properties
  • Gammon